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Are you are a leader on the rise in the launch of your new business? Or perhaps you have an existing company and team that you need to grow. Maybe you are working to rebuild or take an existing high performing team to their next level. Whatever your current state of growth is in, Kerber Consulting is the growth agency to meet you where you are and ignite new, different and faster results to speed you past your competition and achieve your goals.

Monica Kerber

Monica Kerber leaning against a brick wall in a black skirt suit.

who we are

Founded in 2010, Kerber Consulting, LLC was inspired to allow its founder Monica Kerber to make a larger impact on clients. She had one primary goal in mind, to achieve more on less and to be a catalyst for your best results. Kerber believes that every person can tap into their hidden potential, to unlock capacity and ultimately results- previously unknown to them. In order to do this it takes a committed heart to change, self-awareness, the right people in the right place and a mindset of “no excuses growth.” Kerber has been known to “land like a stick of dynamite” for you and your team to reset, recalibrate and reinvent how you achieve results.


what we do

Kerber Consulting specializes in working with Fortune 100 and 500 companies in a customized approach to accelerate leaders and their teams to achieve their best performance. We work to quickly identify what is getting in the way of growing you, your business and your teams. Then we work to make recommendations and pour resources into you to achieve the goals and results you desire. Through a variety of tools, including peak performance assessments and career satisfaction solutions, along with Kerber’s own 15+ years of experience in building, leading, training and consulting to top performing companies and their leaders; Kerber Consulting LLC provides an unforgettable experience that grows you and your key team members.


how we work

Kerber takes a servant leadership approach to working with leaders and their teams. Meeting each of them where they are to identify their strengths, where they are most effective and ineffective as it relates to their roles, responsibilities and results. Monica is a certified coach supporting others in breakthroughs, accredited expert in the Harrison Assessments; used for peak performance and career satisfaction. Along with these tools, we also use key learning’s and techniques inspired by neuroscience work and Kerber’s best instincts to create a customized plan for growth. Kerber has created a network of growth partners, consultants, advisors and business strategist’s to collaborate with. We work by providing strategic advising and consultation both virtually and onsite with our clients. We will create individualized advising, training and coaching to customized packages, to create a strategic plan to help you deliver your best.